How to Run .EXE files in Linux(Ubuntu)

What is Wine?Wine is a program that offers a compatibility layer allowing Linux users to run some Windows-native applications inside of Linux. Wine is not the ideal. Ideally, you should find native Linux applications.

You can use Ubuntu's software package manager to search for easily installable native Linux apps, or you can explore OSalt or Linux App Finder to find alternatives for specific Windows programs. 

Installing Wine
  The installation of Wine is the same as for most software. 
If you don't know how to install Linux-native software in Ubuntu, you should find out first. The package you want to install is called simply wine.  

Then download wine using software center in ubuntu after downloading Right-click the setup.exe for the Windows program you want to install Right-click on the installer and, in the context menu that appears, select Properties.

If you try to open it directly with Wine right now, you'll get a warning about how the file is not set to be executable yet. 

Note:- Under Permissions make sure Allow executing file as program is checked (or ticked). 

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