Download Fedora 17 Linux-based OS

Linux fedora 17

Latest addition of Fedora linux-based OS is available for download. It is fast, stable and powerful operating system. It is an open source OS means free of cost. You can run it alongside of your windows OS.

Fedora is the foundation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, a powerful enterprise OS. Specially it is Virus- and Spyware-Free.There are thousands free applications for fedora. It includes beautiful wallpapers and themes.

Fedora Desktops

There are 4 types of desktops additions are available which are

Fedora 17 Desktop Edition

Fedora 17 KDE Spin

Fedora 17 LXDE Spin

Fedora 17 Xfce Spin

Entertainment & Media 

Totem Video Player
-Totem Movie Player plays movie files of many various formats, as well as DVDs, CDs, and VCDs

Rhythmbox Music & Podcast Player
-Rhythmbox plays CDs, internet radio, and podcasts, and it is also a music collection manager

Sound Juicer CD Ripper
-Sound Recorder can record and play .flac, .oga (OGG audio), and .wav sound files.

Cheese Photobooth(webcam)
-heese Webcam Booth takes photos and videos with your webcam. Have a ball combining fun effects on your image, live

Shotwell Photo Manager
-Shotwell allows you to import, organize, edit, and publish your photos. It can publish directly to your Flickr and Picasa accounts. Sharing your photos with the world is easy with Shotwell

Designing and Artwork

Gimp Image Editor
-The Gimp is fully-featured and bitmap image editor. Simply use it for simple image cropping, resizing, and red-eye correction, or explore its powerful advanced photo manipulation, digital painting, animation, and special effects capabilities

Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor
-Inkscape is a professional-grade vector graphics creation and editing program. It's wonderfully-suited for cartooning and logo design.

Agave Color Palette Chooser
-Agave is a color-palette generation program. It enables you to build and manipulate a harmonious color palette around any color you choose.

Blender 3D Studio
-A suite of 3D content creation tools - animate, model, render, composite, and more.

MyPaint Digital Sketchbook
-Create beautiful sketches with MyPaint, a sketchbook app that includes hundreds of painterly brushes, sketch pencils, and other effects. Sketch and paint digitally with a natural feel.


LibreOffice Impress
-Open, create, and edit presentation slideshows with LibreOffice Impress. Add slide transitions and download free slide templates.

LibreOffice Writer
-LibreOffice Writer is a free word processor that allows you to open, create, modify, and print digital documents.

LibreOffice Calc
-Part of the LibreOffice suite, Calc is a full-featured spreadsheet application.

GScan2PDF Text Recognition
-Scanning documents into PDF format is easy, but can you search their content? Gscan2pdf uses optical recognition software to scan your PDF documents and convert images to text.

Vym Mind-Mapper
-A mind-mapping tool that helps you easily diagram your thoughts.

Internet and Social Networking

Empathy Video & Text chat
-Empathy is an instant messaging (IM) client that can access Gmail, MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, Jabber, and other IM and chat networks. Empathy also supports Jabber-based VoIP calls & video chat provided by services such as Google Talk.

Evolution Email, Calendar and More
-Evolution is a powerful and full-featured email program. In addition to email, Evolution features a calendar, task manager, memo system, and an address book for your contacts.

Gwibber Tweets & Dents
-Send tweets to Twitter and dents to - even send updates to your Facebook, all from one app! Catch up with all of your friends on social networks in one feed.

Remote Desktop
-Connect to a friend's desktop remotely, or set your home desktop up as a server and connect to it from your laptop while you're traveling.

Personal File Sharing
-Connect to public file shares on a network, and share files from your machine as well. You can also share files via Bluetooth (TM).

Fedora Security Lab

Fedora Security Lab

The Fedora Security Lab provides a safe test environment to work on security auditing, forensics, system rescue and teaching security testing methodologies in universities and other organizations.The spin is maintained by a community of security testers and developers. It comes with the clean and fast LXDE Desktop Environment and a customized menu that provides all the instruments needed to follow a proper test path for security testing or to rescue a broken system.


Fedora contains popular games which are

    Battle for Wesnoth
    Alien Arena
    Scorched 3D
    Flight Gear
    And over 100 more...!

Fedora Electronic Lab

Fedora Electronic Lab

Fedora Electronic Lab brought by opensource Electronic Design Automation (EDA) community for support the innovation and development.

Fedora Electronic Lab is

  • Fedora's EDA portfolio.
  • a free and opensource EDA provider and community builder.
  • building a bridge between both free and opensource hardware and software communities.
  • the fruit of the outstanding work done by its respective upstream developers.

What you need

  • A blank CD or DVD or a blank 1GB+ USB stick.
  • A 400MHz or faster processor
  • At least 768 MB memory (RAM), 1 GB recommended for best performance
  • At least 10 GB hard drive space (only required for installation)

Download Fedora

install Fedora using a USB 

install Fedora using a blank CD or DVD

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