Hackers gain over yahoo's 400,000+ accounts

400,000 usernames and passwords hacked

Yahoo confirms that over 400,000+ usernames and passwords hacked from their subdomains of yahoo's website. Yahoo Inc says that hackers find security vulnerability in theirs computer systems. The hackers group called itself D33DS Company.

They use SQL injection to attack on yahoo's subdomain.Then they posted hacked usernames and passwords online in plain text. Later on Thursday theirs original claimed website d33ds.co where they posted usernames and passwords was not found. The group of hackers left a note to yahoo saying that their theft shouldn’t be seen as a threat.

Yahoo's security engineers said that the all data including usernames and passwords was stored in "an older file". Hacked accounts were belongs to yahoo voice services which is powered by Jajah.

yahoo voice

According to CNET  the hackers as saying the breach was intended as a "wake-up call and not as a threat" and that Yahoo's security was lax.

We recommended that yahoo voice users should change their passwords as soon as   possible.

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