How to optimize android battery life

optimize android battery life

Battery backup is the most important  factor in Smartphone life. If you run many apps at a time like music, internet browsing, etc your battery will reduce day by day use.  But there is an Apps for optimizing your android phone battery life. The apps is called as Easy battery saver. Follow these steps to how to install it and optimize your battery life of your phone.

Step 1 

 Download « here

Step 2
optimize android battery life
Open battery info screen and select and there will be normal mode this is default optimization mode but it not perform any optimization for your battery. Now below normal mode there will be General, intelligent, super  power saving modes. To know which mode perform which type of optimization select view to know details of each mode. Then select tap to apply changes.

Step 3
optimize android battery life 
To know which function is currently using your battery switch to consumption option it will display how your battery used.

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